XT’s integrated scales

Dec 03, 2019

If you are a true espresso lover, you’ve probably already heard about finding your coffee’s “sweet spot”, the ideal point of extraction. Point in which your coffee shows its true potential through temperature, a constant extraction, and a high performing machine. But finding it isn’t the only thing we’re aiming for: what we really need, is to repeat that result over time, any given extraction, to allow whoever drinks our coffee to always taste an espresso at its best. Consistency is a key fundamental when researching the perfect espresso.

Each cup of coffee extracted with a Dalla Corte machine will be just as good as the last. This, thanks to our technology and tools dedicated to professional baristas that work with our commercial coffee machines.

One of these tools is XT’s integrated scales.

Dalla Corte’s professional espresso machine XT is equipped with an Integrated Real Time Weighing System, which ensures precise control of the coffee’s weight in the cup, during all of the extraction. Weighing shots is an indispensable tool, but it usually involves adding steps into your workflow; XT frees you from any kind of scales, giving you freedom from external instruments and an optimized workflow.

XT guarantees a fluid workflow, pure technology, and XTreme reliability, coffee after coffee.

XT’s integrated scales