Zero’s launch at the Partners Meeting

Oct 25, 2019

Just as every year, we held the Dalla Corte Partners Meeting, an event dedicated to our distributors from all over the world. This year we had something special to present our Partners, a surprise we didn’t want to fully disclose till the very end of the presentation, so you could really feel the excitement in the air.

The launch of Zero, the great reveal, has been an exciting confirmation of what they expected, a new machine by Dalla Corte! Paolo Dalla Corte and Gregor Stadler’s presentation was the perfect introduction to an amazing evening, full of excitement.

The location we selected was truly fascinating, as it recalled the machine’s shape and colours. Plus, the stunning view on the Duomo, symbol of Milan and Dalla Corte’s birthplace, has left our many guests speechless. Other than Zero’s official presentation, we awarded some of our Partners with the “Dalla Corte Awards”, the marketing plan and the presentation of the new App for Sales and Technicians.

Special thanks to all our guests, we are glad to call you part of the Dalla Corte family.

Zero’s launch at the Partners Meeting