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Mar 12, 2021

It’s the second day of the Coffeeteacacao_expo in Moscow!

It’s the second day of the Coffeeteacacao_expo exhibition in Moscow!   ...


Mar 11, 2021

We're at the Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo 2021!

Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo 2021 is one of the main events in the industry, where the ...


Mar 09, 2021

An essential set to carry on your home-barista journey!

How can you always have an espresso at hand that is as good as the one you get at your u...


Mar 05, 2021

The 54mm portafilter will enrich your espressos!

Why do you need to try the 54mm portafilter? Because it will enrich every cup of espr...


Mar 03, 2021

What do you think about Zero's olive-green version?

Zero’s futuristic design presents two major characteristics that were carefully studied...


Mar 02, 2021

Regenerate yourself at Seonhyu coffee!

Peace and quiet. Physical and mental rest.When opening seonhyu_coffee on the last day of...


Feb 26, 2021

Find out how the Mina app works and how important profiling is!

Find out how the Mina app works and discover how important flow profiling is to get your ...


Feb 25, 2021

We like to set zero limits - and you? #zerolimits

Evolution was the first professional espresso machine launched by Dalla Corte on the mark...


Jan 01, 1970

The Moscow Coffee Festival

Dear coffee lovers, there are no words to express how great it was to see each of you at ...