Ruffian Pan

"Hey, I am Ruffian Pan from Parking Coffee. Curiosity led me into the industry, while competitions propelled my career."

Tell us something about you.

Curiosity led me into the coffee industry, while competitions propelled my career. Evolved from a coffee enthusiast into an advocate for coffee origins, I have brought advanced processing methods to Yunnan. I hope everyone can savor the Yunnan specialty coffee.

What about your hobbies?

Previously, during my leisure time, I frequently engaged in cycling activities with my friends. The enchanting West Lake and serene Mogan mountain in my hometown of Hangzhou witnessed our cycling endeavours.

A day without coffee...?

At present, my wholehearted attention is devoted to sharing the parenting responsibilities with my wife and being there for my daughter as she grows, as I just became a rocket dad this March.

You’re good at...?

I am good at inviting my customers to experience the exquisite flavours of a fine cup of coffee, and sharing the story from each cup to seed has been a delightful journey for me.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?

Definitely, it’s my own coffee shop Parking Coffee. Every day I wake up, the first thing is heading to my shop, grab an americano, and chat with regular customers. It has been my daily routine and pleasure.