A beautiful new location in Riyadh for Camel Step

Jan 12, 2021

In Riyadh, in this beautiful new branch of Camel Step - our Official Partner in Saudi Arabia - two XT commercial espresso machines and a Mina flow-profiling machine will serve you their delicious coffees.

The two XTs come in an elegant total black version, while Mina is covered in glass panels that showcase the amazing technology she holds inside.

XT is the perfect professional coffee machine to serve a large number of customers during intense workflows, while with Mina you can experiment on specialty selections, creating particular coffee recipes that require a specific flow profiling to extract unique organoleptic properties from the coffee beans.

Camel Step - like us at Dalla Corte - takes coffee very seriously and intends using only the best technology for its top quality products. Pop into one of their shops and let them surprise you with their selections! #makeitbetter

A beautiful new location in Riyadh for Camel Step