A wonderful custom Zero to extract the selections of Corica

Nov 03, 2021

A wonderful custom Zero to extract the amazing coffee selections of Corica, in Belgium.

Whether you are a coffee lover or just in search of a gourmet experience, Corica is a homely specialty coffee bar and roastery that's absolutely worth a visit.  They roast over 28 different kinds of Arabica at their flagship store in the rue Marché aux Poulets, while at the counter the expert staff knows how to carefully select what can best suit your preferences:  «Someone from the South of Europe often drinks a very dark roasted, bitter and strong coffee, whereas in the North people generally prefer more acidic coffees.  With our assortment, we can provide the client what he loves and over time make him discover more particular things. »

You can find this beautiful custom Zero with the Corica logo at their brand-new shop in Overijse! A professional espresso machine that can extract aromas and flavours that would be left uncovered without the advanced digital flow regulation technology, which allows the barista to control pre-infusion and gently brew each cup of espresso. 

Every visit at Corica promises to be a homely moment of discovery, visit their shops #dcaroundtheworld

A wonderful custom Zero to extract the selections of Corica