Backhaus Mahl, Coffee and Baking

Dec 27, 2023

Step into Backhaus Mahl, where the aroma of freshly baked goods and the rich scent of exceptional coffee create a symphony of flavors. Backhaus Mahl embodies a commitment to artisanal baking - in fact, every item, from bread to rolls, is manufactured in-house. They cherish old traditional recipes, embracing extended dough resting times. This patient approach results in baked goods that reflect a deep understanding of the craft, delivering exceptional flavor and texture.

Just as their baking reflects a commitment to quality, Backhaus Mahl sources coffee of the finest quality through fair trade practices. The collaboration with Dalla Corte is marked by the presence of ICON and DC Two, aligning seamlessly with Backhaus Mahl's commitment to excellence.

These machines, coupled with innovative DC Systems, guarantee precision and reliability, allowing the artistry of Backhaus Mahl to shine through even during peak hours! With Dalla Corte's cutting-edge technology and Backhaus Mahl's commitment to quality, every visit promises a journey into the heart of craftsmanship.

Experience the delightful blend of artisanal baking and superior coffee, all wrapped up in the warm embrace of Backhaus Mahl's passion! 

Backhaus Mahl, Coffee and Baking