Be among the first to try a #zerolimits coffee!

Jan 15, 2021

Want to be one of the first to try an espresso made with the new specialty coffee machine Dalla Corte Zero? Visit GOOK! A small, family-owned artisanal bakery and speciality coffee shop in the heart of Transylvania, in Cluj-Napoca city. Their mission is to share with the community the power of made-from-scratch, freshly baked bread and other goodies along with a selection of speciality coffee.

To show the potential of their specialty coffee selections, the GOOK Team has chosen the brand new Zero commercial espresso machine in the Barista version - with the Fixed Water Flow mode they can set the water flow in grams per second directly on the group’s digital touchscreen, or they can freestyle their extractions by pulling the lever on each group’s side, varying acidity, sweetness and body of each cup of espresso for a unique coffee experience.

In DC we fully share GOOK’s vision of making things easy and transparent, and as they told us "it's the simple things that matter!". Come and visit them soon, be among the first to try a #zerolimits coffee!

Be among the first to try a #zerolimits coffee!