CafE' Neutral

Apr 09, 2020

This place hasn’t been open that long, but it already has all the attributes of a great specialty café - Café Neutral in Taipei is a must-visit spot for all coffee lovers.

A minimalistic and sophisticated interior, with a neon sign - 'Booyah' – welcoming visitors and shining over the shiny espresso machine Dalla Corte XT in the Total White version. This professional coffee machine brings consistency and creativity in your cup, thanks to the exclusive manual flow control for each group. Making silky espressos, powerful cold brews and fruity filters, the coffee here is as serious as the aesthetic is cool. The baristas will be happy to explain their coffee selections, as well as which coffee is best suited to each brewing method.

In the summer, spill outside and take up a seat in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows sipping on an iced latte! We’ll see where our dcaround will take us next week

CafE' Neutral