Connects Coffee, coffee creates connections

Jun 23, 2020

Coffee connects us to people, to our passion, and, sometimes, simply to ourselves. Connects Coffee in Seoul wishes to create a connection with its customers, something that goes beyond just serving your espresso order. Their goal is to inform customers about their coffee selection, talk about that unique variety, that special single-origin and that particular farm it was grown on - in Dalla Corte, we call this spreading coffee culture, and we are proud to share this common goal with Connects Coffee!

At Connects Coffee they use our commercial espresso machine Dalla Corte XT in the Total White version, the perfect multi-group coffee machine to find the ideal profile for each coffee variety, thanks to the Manual Flow Regulator: change the water flow with the dedicated tool, and it will stay fixed throughout the extraction. You can assign each group head to a different coffee variety or to a specific profile for the same coffee beans.

Visit Connects Coffee and ask them all about their coffee blends and single-origins before ordering your coffee – they will be happy to enrich your tasting experience.

Connects Coffee, coffee creates connections