Delicious coffee at Collingwood Black

Jan 04, 2023

Delicious coffee and eat-in creations 7 days a week at Collingwood Black Espresso.

Much more than just a café, Collingwood Black Espresso & Bar is a hangout for the local coffee community in the industrial estate of Albion, in Brisbane Australia.

This place is a former builder’s yard and warehouse, converted into a coffee shop with an industrial-chic charm. The #DallaCorteZero espresso machine allows baristas and customers to explore different coffee recipes for their espresso and other coffee drinks.

As well as offering specialty coffees and street food, Collingwood Black hosts a multitude of events and activities making it its mission to create a strong sense of community.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and coffee: pop into the café to discover your next favorite espresso!

Delicious coffee at Collingwood Black