Delsams coffee roastery

Apr 16, 2020

#DCaroundtheworld takes us to Lleida, Spain, to a true and proper coffee institution: in fact, Delsams coffee roastery has been around since 1952, making it an historic spot for artisanal Spanish coffee. The company’s long history does not deny innovation - in their coffee shop, Delsams uses the Mina Smart Bar modular concept, serving their own-roast coffee.

“It is not that the coffee takes too long, maybe the world is going too fast” over the years, at Delsams they have been faithful to their slow toasting system. All the coffees they create are toasted with care and attention to origin and quality - commercial machine Mina with the patented flow-profiling technology DFR is the most suitable professional espresso machine to bring out the best flavours and aromas from these excellent coffees.

Delsams long history in the wonderful world of coffee is amazing, discover more exciting stories at our next #DCaroundtheworld stop.

Delsams coffee roastery