Feel the sea breeze at Casa Tejada

Feb 17, 2023

Feel the sea breeze at  Casa Tejada in Barcelona!

A Bistro-Tapas & Oyster Bar where it feels like you’re in a typical Arcachon fisherman's house, a French region where some of the oysters that are served here can be found.

In December 2018 Casa Tejada reopened under the new direction of chefs Roman Fornell – whose passion and dedication got him his first Michelin star at the age of 24 - and Oscar Manresa marking a new step into the restaurant’s future.

At the coffee corner you’ll find #DallaCorteStudio paired with #MaxGrinder to serve a 100% Arabica Gran Altura espresso signed @dibarcafe to end your meal in style. 

Feel the sea breeze at  Casa Tejada