Hsinchu pop-up store

May 19, 2020

Hsinchu pop-up store serves an exceptional specialty coffee in an incredibly unique location in Taiwan – the former residence of President Xin Zhiping in Hsinchu City. “Here, in addition to the smell of coffee, you can obviously feel the fragrance of the ancient house of nearly 100 years.”

It is not just its uncommon location that makes this coffee shop stand out from the crowd, VWI Hsinchu store roasts its own coffee beans, from daily brews to limited micro lots, which can be purchased at the store. They prepare amazing artisanal black coffee and specialty drinks, and with Dalla Corte commercial espresso machine Studio they extract the best espresso coffee.

“At the bar counter of the Hsinchu pop-up store, Studio is the most inquired coffee appliance.” They say “The speed and amount of cups produced every day in the Hsinchu store makes it hard to believe that it is a household machine.” In fact, Studio is Dalla Corte’s one-group home-espresso-machine. Nonetheless, we equipped Studio with the same advanced technology of any other Dalla Corte professional coffee machine, making it perfectly fitting for small shops and offices as well.

Visit Hsinchu and a have a traditional Italian espresso with Dalla Corte Studio.

Hsinchu pop-up store