Hydro-dripped marble Studio

Nov 09, 2020

We’ve lost our marbles over this amazing custom job by @justdipit_sydney!

Little Studio underwent an extreme makeover! The hydro-dripped marble effect is absolutely breathtaking and it respects the elegant design of our professional home-espresso machine.

If you pay closer attention to the picture, you’ll notice that this careful and extremely detailed transformation doesn’t include only Studio’s panels: the steam wand, gauges, levers, drip tray and top rack have been completely covered in black chrome.

“We left no stone unturned; every nut, bolt, screw, panel and piece on this machine has been customised.”

We loved this transformation that the team at @justdipit_sydney created for @conceptcoffee , what do you think about it? #makeitbetter

Hydro-dripped marble Studio