It's culture time: RaB, this is not a bar

Apr 14, 2017

RaB is not just a bar, as its name read in reverse suggests, but a literary café. However, it is also a multifunctional, non-conventional, social service oriented space. Have you ever been in such a coffee shop?

“We wanted to create a space where people can feel at home and do what they like most, giving importance to relax and culture”, says Valentina Chirolli Lubelli, manager of the BarAcca Project, to which the initiative refers.

Some volunteers of the association “Handicap su la testa!” started an integrated work programme that sees normal and disabled people working together. If you love cabaret, jazz, reading, or just spending time with friends, or look for a special place where to relax, study or work, you can stop right here, at the RaB, close to the Navigli in Milan.
Moreover, each month, you can attend themed Happy Hours together with different cultural events, such as music, theatre and cinema shows.

Fabrizio and Andrea, two disabled guys, work there and are very satisfied. “Dalla Corte machines allow the guys to work comfortably thanks to their incredible ease of use. With these machines, making coffee is a child’s play!” explains Valentina.
At RaB, it is possible to develop the potential of disabled people and contribute to breaking down social barriers.

Pop in and see with your eyes!


It's culture time: RaB, this is not a bar