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Feb 05, 2020

Kiwanda's Espresso Bar offers its customers new ways to enjoy their freshly-roasted Zarraffa’s Coffee, from Cold Drip to Cold Brew and Nitro Brew to Japanese Pour Over, they’ve created a wide selection of distinct and delicious flavours.

For more traditional coffee-making techniques, Kiwanda relies on Dalla Corte’s commercial espresso machine XT, the perfect machine for a consistent result in the cup and achieve extreme control over the extraction’s temperature and flow.

Sourcing a selection of carefully curated coffee varietals, Kiwanda Café is a hub for specialty coffee and a discovery centre for learning about the intricacies of the coffee world. Through this innovative range of brewing methods, Kiwanda’s mission is to create uniquely perfect coffee, suited to every taste.

Created to educate true coffee lovers and to harvest a deeper enjoyment of specialty coffee, join Kiwanda café, a place where coffee is more than just a drink, it’s the epicentre of connection, discovery and celebration.

Join Kiwanda cafE'