Kuchnia Żoliborz is an amazing location.

Nov 20, 2019

Kuchnia Żoliborz in Warsaw is a dynamic location with unique possibilities. Restaurant, Bar and Events, a lot to do and a lot to see in this modern and surprising space. Come in for lunch, maybe take part in a workshop, or come to party! Of course, if you are here for coffee, you will be served by our Dalla Corte XT at the bar area. Sip your coffee in the comfortable sitting area inside or sit in Żoliborz’s beautiful open garden.

At Kuchnia Żoliborz each detail matters, a space that wants to amaze and leave an impression: just think that the ceiling is 8.20 meters high and is lit by an 870 bulb-chandelier!

You can book your special events or take part in workshops with advanced and professional equipment in a unique training room - their kitchen becomes Your kitchen!

What else do you need to be surprised? 

Kuchnia Żoliborz is an amazing location.