Lugao is one of the most popular locations of the moment!

Jan 21, 2021

Lugao Café is one of the most popular emerging locations to take beautiful pictures that become instantly viral! It offers unparalleled views of local coffee and tea farms, contrasting the greenery of the surrounding mountains with a cutting-edge designer architecture.

Lugao is part of the Taiwan Tea Corporation, well-known for Sun Moon Lake Black Tea and for producing tea for over a century. This farm in Nantou County offers the perfect conditions for planting tea leaves and coffee drupes.

Way more than just a coffee shop, Lugao Café also provide tours of their coffee factory: a complete coffee-production-line on-site, from planting to processing, roasting and brewing. And for this last fundamental step that brings all their work directly into your cup, Lugao relies on commercial espresso machine Dalla Corte XT for consistent results at every extraction. They also provide tours around the coffee factory, guiding visitors through green beans processing and roasting.

Sip your espresso outside on the beautiful viewing deck, and remember to take a few pictures to post – no filter needed! #makeitbetter

Lugao is one of the most popular locations of the moment!