MAD.GOAT,passion and dedication

Mar 23, 2020

“We love coffee, we love goats, we are all mad in here”. This is MAD.GOAT’s motto, specialty coffee shop near the Old City in Bucharest. Starting your day after visiting this café will boost your energy!

Commercial espresso machine Mina and grinder Max match perfectly in this bright little specialty coffee shop. With Mina, our flow-profiling machine, you can create infinite coffees with the very same coffee beans, by operating on the pre-infusion phase through the Mina App (available on Apple store and Google play).

MAD.GOAT also offers take away service, so if you’re craving for, let’s say, an Ethiopian single-origin specialty coffee, you can message them and they will bring the order to your car! Obviously, they suggest writing to them a little in advance “so that we have time to grind the coffee on the spot. It's to go, but it has to be perfect”. We love seeing so much passion and dedication! #makeitbetter

MAD.GOAT,passion and dedication