Mani’s Coffee & Bagels’,18 years of dedication to coffee

Oct 02, 2019

Mani’s Coffee & Bagels is located in Thun in a dream-like setting, overlooking a peaceful mountain-lake at the foot of the Swiss Alps. After 18 years, Mani’s still looks fresh and crisp, thanks to its excellent coffee served with a commercial espresso machine Dalla Corte EVO and thanks to its customers’ loyalty and trust, which made it a true and proper meeting point in town.

Markus Mani’s passion for coffee started back in 1990, when he worked in Vancouver. “At that time, the only place where one could get a decent coffee was at Starbucks” he says. Fascinated by their concept, Markus decided that one day he would open a coffeeshop of his own: 11 years of hard work later, he made his dream come true.  Since then, Mani’s Coffee & Bagels has been in constant evolution, from the products they serve, their coffee selection and the store’s interior design, warm and welcoming, just like a good cup of Panama Geisha.

Markus’ mission is to keep a constant level of quality and service  every single day, “I’m here for a marathon,” he says, “one day I’d like to look back on thirty years of dedication to coffee excellency. For that, I need my beautiful and reliable Dalla Corte EVO”. We’re happy to be by your side day after day!

 Mani’s Coffee & Bagels’,18 years of dedication to coffee