Medelin Coffee

May 25, 2020

When Medelin Coffee was founded in 1998, they had an ambitious purpose in mind - producing coffee with only high-quality ingredients, specialty roasting and well-thought-out logistics, so that customers would receive only the freshest beans and at a reasonable price.

After 2 years, they opened their first branded coffee shop, and today Medelin Coffee Shops rely on Dalla Corte commercial espresso machines’ consistent result to extract their delicious and fragrant blends to perfection “XT allows us to turn our own coffee into a work of art in the truest sense of the word. So keep in mind that art can not only be viewed, heard or read, it can also be drunk.”

Being in the coffee industry for quite some time and making great coffee, you can be sure that Medelin’s staff is highly knowledgeable as well as happy to talk coffee with you. Visit Medelin Coffee and ask for their signature coffee, they will make you feel at home straight away. 

Medelin Coffee