Mina is a perfect mix of design and technology

Oct 29, 2019

Mina’s outline is simple and intuitive, there are three operational areas to start the machine’s main functions. Right above the steam wand, on the left, there’s the dedicated switch, which will allow you to create marvelous cappuccinos or flat whites with a natural movement and a simplified rotation. On the right, there’s the function selector: by simply turning it, you can choose between one shot of espresso, two shots, hot water for tea or americano, the function to activate the MCS steam wand (or a different dose of hot water) and the lever function.

The lever is one of Mina’s most captivating features. You can use it to freestyle your extraction in 5 steps, or just pull it all the way down to start the dose you’ve previously set on Mina’s app.

Mina is Dalla Corte’s perfect mix of design and technology, discover it by watching the full video Dalla Corte - The #Perfectshot - Introduction to Mina.

Mina is a perfect mix of design and technology