Mora Coffee Brew Bar

Jul 20, 2020

An eye-catching industrial and sophisticated interior for an incredibly delicious coffee, Mora Coffee Brew Bar in Stavropol, Russia is a must-visit spot. They have an extensive coffee selection and offer some of the tastiest espressos you ever had.

The staff at Mora is always happy to explain their bean selection, as well as which coffee is best suited to each brewing method. Mora takes coffee very seriously, that’s why on their counter you can find the beautiful commercial espresso machine Dalla Corte Studio in white - equipped with the original multiboiler system, Dalla Corte’s core technology, you can adjust the temperature with a 0.1° precision, allowing you to find the perfect extraction temperature for any coffee. With Studio plumbed in, you can also access the pre-infusion menu and play with extraction recipes.

Mora Coffee regularly posts on social media in-depth explanations about the bean selections they have available in store –their passion for coffee pushes them to share their incredible experience with everyone. In Dalla Corte we always support those who love coffee and care about the community. For all coffee lovers, Mora Coffee Brew Bar will just feel like coming home. 

Mora Coffee Brew Bar