Ogawa coffee in Boston, enjoy an exceptional coffee

Sep 24, 2019

Dedicated to promoting, preserving and evolving coffee culture, we are proud that Ogawa Coffee has chosen our commercial coffee machines, as we too endorse their philosophy.

Ogawa Coffee is a very high-quality Japanese coffee roaster, with many stores and coffeeshops all over the world. Their mission is to protect, nurture and share a strong culture of specialty coffee.  From the cultivation of the finest beans in producing countries, to meticulous roasting, to serving the best possible coffee with the utmost customer care: Ogawa Coffee constantly pursuits coffee perfection.

Ogawa Coffee has also opened a store in the USA, Boston, and serves its coffee with professional espresso machines Dalla Corte Mina and Dalla Corte XT. Visit this lovely coffeeshop in Downtown Crossing and drop by this peaceful oasis to enjoy an exceptional specialty coffee.

Ogawa coffee in Boston, enjoy an exceptional coffee