Postcards from Prague: La Boheme Cafe'

Mar 17, 2017

Excellence, sustainability, and environmental consciousness are the driving principles of La Boheme Cafè, a specialty coffee shop in Prague. There's a little something for everyone: a wide single origins selection from all over the world, seasonal blends to enhance the “taste” of the various periods of the year, limited editions, filter blends and much more.

Led by Charles Fleer, a coffee pioneer who dedicates himself to improving coffee quality, the integrity of the coffee industry, its policies, transparency and sustainability. Charles spends more than 4 months of the year travelling between Africa and Latin America, developing direct trade relationships and educating the farmers on the varietal types of coffee.

Knowing that there are coffee shops where coffee is the main protagonist, where the aroma allows you to discover the world in your cup, makes us happy.


Postcards from Prague: La Boheme Cafe'