Second Chance Project: updates

Nov 24, 2017

“Lorenzo, remember that you have to cook with passion, because it is only with your heart that you can transmit emotions to people”.

In this way Lorenzo’s grandpa passes on his kitchen secrets, which have become the key to the success of Antica Trattoria Tre Soldi (Florence). Once again, passion is the motivation that moves souls. A restaurant where tradition is reinterpreted thanks to the creativity of chef Lorenzo, who looks for perfection and simplicity at the same time.

We share this philosophy that leads us to care for each single detail of our espresso machines. At Antica Trattoria Tre Soldi they not only love high quality, but also care for social issues. The specialty coffee La Sosta by Simone Guidi, barista trainer, is extracted by an Evolution Second Chance and served to the customers. A blend with Latin-American aromas from El Salvador and Brazil. Two special coffees that result in the combination of the intense and complex acidity of the first with the softness of milk chocolate and dried fruit of the second.

In 2017 our Second Chance Project has seen so many Evolution models arrive from all over the world, to be entrusted to our technicians: we are proud that there has been a great awareness of this project by all our Partners and our clients.

Second Chance Project: updates