Social Coffee 001 specialty spot in Turin

Mar 01, 2017

To visit an historical city and taste a specialty coffee ? In Turin this is possible. Caffè Social 001 is a young and dynamic environment that offers three specialty coffees by Costadoro Single Coffee line. Ethiopia, Panama and Colombia are the countries of origin of these particular single-origins, which will make you, live an exotic experience with their typical notes.

Floral and citric flavours with honey, bergamot and orange notes by Etiopia Guraferda G2 coffee, those sweeter and balanced of caramel, hazelnut and plum by Panama San Sebastian Estate coffee and, lastly, caramel, plum, hazelnut nuances by Colombia Sonson Villa Maria coffee.

These specialty coffees can be tasted in espresso and filter technique, the latter not so renowned in Italy, but very popular abroad. You can learn by yourself this extraction method at a dedicated desk assisted by Social Coffee baristas.

“We are very happy that the guys coming to our coffee shop are open-minded and full of questions. Their desire to learn strongly motivates us and spurs us to keep growing” says Cristian Tetro, the owner, who attended several education courses.

You have to try it!

Social Coffee 001 specialty spot in Turin