Specialty coffee and crafty workshops, at Molecule!

Nov 12, 2020

You’d think that roasting your own specialty coffee selections and running a coffee workshop can already show great dedication to coffee. However, Molecule cares so much about craftsmanship that they even make the ceramic cups in which they serve their espressos!

Located in the Beşiktaş area (Istanbul, Turkey), you will be welcomed at Molecule by our happy couple, Mina and Max “dressed” in classic Dalla Corte yellow! Commercial espresso machiine Mina is perfect for the different specialty coffees that Molecule offers, thanks to her many programmable water flows.

Visit Molecule to have a cup of their delicious coffees, take part in one of their amazing workshops dedicated to coffee or try making your very own ceramic cup!! #dcaroundtheworld #makeitbetter

Specialty coffee and crafty workshops, at Molecule!