Stay moonstruck at Moonshine!

Aug 28, 2023

Moonshine Coffee Roasters is the ultimate destination for coffee lovers in Taipei City, Taiwan.

They craft exceptional coffee, and they work their magic with two Mina espresso machines, custom-designed with their very own logo - talk about style!

Why are Mina espresso machines perfect for roasters like Moonshine? Well, it's all about that coffee profiling feature: with this advanced technology, they can achieve the perfect balance of flavors and aromas in every cup. 

When the outbreak hit, Moonshine Coffee Roasters, with two thriving stores already established, found themselves facing uncertainties. Like many businesses, they had to make tough decisions and consider cutting costs. But adversity only fueled their determination to succeed. 

In fact, Moonshine even supplies their coffee selections for world championships!

2023 WCE World Cup Brewing Competition | Hong Kong Champion

2022 WCE World Cup Brewing Competition | Taiwan 5th & 6th

2018 WCE World Cup Baking Competition | 5th place in Australia

2018 WCE World Cup Brewing Competition | 2nd place in Australia

Make sure to mark Moonshine Coffee Roasters on your "must-visit" list to experience the art of coffee roasting at its best! 

Stay moonstruck at Moonshine!