Studio at GlutsBrothers

Jun 03, 2020

Our Dalla Corte Studio single-group commercial espresso machine is looking really good in GlutsBrothers Grill Shop in Rosenheim - Germany. Among the premium grills, professional accessories, and high-end knives, Studio looks just as hardcore as Glutsbrothers shop does.

A company committed to high-quality equipment and accessories that wants to set itself apart from your usual hardware store,  also offering top-notch espressos - Dalla Corte‘s professional espresso machines are the perfect match to Glutsbrother’s brand identity and customer-oriented service.

“To call the Dalla Corte an espresso machine is like demoting a Bugatti to a form of transportation.“ they say, “The display can be operated very easily via the control wheel to guarantee that the extraction time, pre-infusion, temperature and pressure run at the right level for you at all times. The extraordinary design seems inspired by an airplane cockpit and is very clear and easy to use due to its simplicity. Illumination above the portafilter enables operation even in weak light. We at Gluts, pardon, RoastBrothers are very proud to exhibit this heavyweight in our showroom.”

We are proud to be chosen by companies that share our mission values of always offering our customers the best technology and equipment to #makeitbetter 

Studio at GlutsBrothers