The perfect brew at Kaffee Loft

Nov 30, 2023

Exciting news from Dortmund! Today, we're heading to Kaffee Loft, the cozy realm of Daniel and Steffi Strehlau – a family-owned coffee haven that's all about passion, joy, and, of course, exceptional coffee! 

At Coffee Loft, they've turned coffee into an art form, blending enjoyment, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology. Using our Dalla Corte Evo2 espresso machine, they ensure precise results and a constant flavor journey in every cup. 

Evo2's extreme temperature control, thanks to its 500ml independent brewing units, not only guarantees reliability but also champions energy efficiency – a win-win for both taste and sustainability! 

Join us in celebrating the Strehlau family's dedication to the perfect brew at Kaffee Loft! 

The perfect brew at Kaffee Loft