Top-notch specialty coffee with Zero, at Primos de Origen

Aug 05, 2021

On the northern coast of Spain, in the port city of Santander, you can find top-notch specialty coffee served with Zero in Navy Blue, at Primos de Origen!

This roastery has just launched their own brand @landedcoffee, offering a varied selection of coffee, roasting them by taking into account different methods of extraction which are best suited to each origin and variety.

Their goal? Preserving the effort invested by the producers at origin, by obtaining the optimal roasting profile for a perfect result in the cup. Dalla Corte Zero makes pursuing this goal easy, thanks to a customizable flow profiling that allows using a softer or more intense water flow when needed, respecting each coffee selection.

“After each cup of coffee there is a story to tell, an origin, hands that take care of the coffee crops and that make it possible for us to enjoy the best coffees in the world every day. At Primos de Origen we have learned directly from coffee growers to appreciate the perfect coffee bean and to maintain the appropriate processes from its origin, roasting, to the final consumer.” (

You can also check their online coffee store and search for the beans that best suit you, they ship all over Europe! Start enjoying great coffee now, #makeitbetter

Top-notch specialty coffee with Zero, at Primos de Origen