Visit Bayside Pantry and try their specialty coffee!

Jul 06, 2020

Our DC Pro in total white is ready to pull some delicious espressos at Bayside Pantry!  This café is located in Shellharbour, in New South Wales Australia, and is loved by customers for countless reasons - its friendly service and great atmosphere, delicious and renown breakfast plates, their amazing knowledge on all coffee-related matters, and the Delano Roastery specialty coffee they serve!

Bayside Pantry can count on a Dalla Corte commercial espresso machine for constantly perfect extractions, thanks to DC Pro’s multiboiler technology and its excellent thermal stability. Bayside’s signature isn’t just in each cup of coffee they make, it’s also on their custom DC Pro, side by side with Delano's logo, and it looks great!

Visit Bayside Pantry and try some of their heavenly treats and most of all, their incredible selection of coffees! #dcaroundtheworld 

Visit Bayside Pantry and try their specialty coffee!