We’re at F190, specialty coffee shop in Bucharest!

Apr 29, 2021

The warm welcoming, the relaxing atmosphere and the smell of fresh coffee.... you’re at F190, specialty coffee shop in Bucharest, Romania!

The staff here isn’t just selling coffee, they are offering a complete coffee experience, creating connections with the community, and sharing good vibes.

One of the things we love about F190, is their commitment to sharing a deeper knowledge of the world that revolves around coffee: “We love specialty coffee and we want to contribute to its development in Romania. The road is a long one, but we are  happy to embark on this journey."(

Although they come from 3 different continents and over 10 countries, at F190 baristas have extensive knowledge of each batch of coffee, about the altitude at which they grew, the date of harvest and the processing method. Bogdan Georgescu, the 2019 National Roasting Champion and World Vice-Champion, handles the roasting with mastery.

The Dalla Corte XT commercial espresso machine is in charge of extracting espresso shots. With the Manual Flow Regulator it’s easy to experiment with the flow rate to discover different organoleptic properties in each blend!

F190 intends to create unique sensory experiences, bring people together and let the coffee do its magic - well done guys! #makeitebetter

We’re at F190, specialty coffee shop in Bucharest!