Hao Yuan Chen

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee. And that's pretty close."

Tell us something about you.

My name is Richard. I’m from Taiwan. When I was a college student, I started to work in a coffee shop. I was impressed by latte art at that time so I practiced latte art a lot. In 2014, I started participating in competitions and finally won the National champion in 2019. I also won the national champion in Taiwan Barista competition in 2022. Now I am an owner of coffee shop and training center (HYC Coffee Studio) which is located in Taichung, serving espresso-based drinks, pour over coffee and also providing coffee training courses.

What about your hobbies?

I love to watch movies. A movie that inspired me a lot is the movie called” About time”, reminding me to cherish and relish life.

A day without coffee...?

I go for a glass of coca cola on the rocks!

You’re good at...?

I am good at doing latte art. Not only steam milk and pouring milk into cup but also creating some unique and amazing patterns.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?

It depends on what kind of drink I would like to have. For espresso, I recommend Rufous coffee in Taipei. I was stunned by espresso and cappuccino they provide. If you go there for the first time, house blend is your best choice. In addition, there are so many different kinds of single origin beans you can choose.