Michalis Karagiannis

"Good coffee is like latte art for me, it easily sets my mood and easily spoils it"

Tell us something about you.

Hello guys, my name is Michalis Karagiannis, I’m from Greece living ten minutes from the city center of Athens. I work as barista since 2011! My big love is latte art, I’m three consecutive times Greek Latte art champion and two times World Latte Art Runner Up Champion.

What about your hobbies?

My hobbies match perfect with my well-known Jack Russell “Jessie”: usually we love running, hiking mountains in winter, and in our Greek summertime the SUP stand-board is always close to us.

A day without coffee...?

Hhhmm to be honest I could spend a day without coffee BUT I can’t spend day drinking bad coffee!

You’re good at...?

I’m very good making latte art! But sometimes I believe that maybe I’m also good playing football.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?

My favourite coffee spot is Enkel Kaffe based in Greece in Athens, brewing every day espresso from the Dalla Corte white wood Zero Machine.