A symphony of elegance, at Giardino

Jan 05, 2024

Giardino Restaurant & Bar in Kursaalbern is an urban oasis of Mediterranean indulgence – recently remodeled to perfection, Giardino now features a 3-group Evo2 machine and DC TWO grinder, thanks to our stellar Swiss partner Rogalla.

 Giardino's revamped space boasts modern, elegant architecture and an open interior design that seamlessly complements the Mediterranean culinary experience. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond its culinary offerings – the training program offered by Rogalla empowered Giardino's staff to master the art of using the Evo2 machine and DC TWO grinder seamlessly.

This dynamic duo ensures that each cup is a masterpiece, reflecting the dedication to quality that defines Giardino's culinary philosophy. Cheers to the fusion of elegance, flavor, and innovation at Giardino!

A symphony of elegance, at Giardino