Bienvenue à la Maison, pâtisserie and restaurant

May 26, 2023

Pâtisserie, bakery, table d’hôtes, restaurant, rooms, spa…Bienvenue à la Maison.

"La Maison d'Hôtes" is a charming guesthouse in Silly, Belgium.

Not only does this guesthouse offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but they also make some seriously delicious coffee, thanks to their Dalla Corte Evo2 espresso machine.

At Dalla Corte, we take pride in producing high-quality espresso machines that allow baristas and coffee lovers alike to create the perfect cup of coffee. And it's always so gratifying to see our machines being used to their full potential, especially in such a lovely setting as "La Maison d'Hôtes".

If you're looking for a peaceful, relaxing retreat in the heart of Belgium, be sure to check out "La maison d'Hôtes" and their delicious Dalla Corte espresso.

Bienvenue à la Maison, pâtisserie and restaurant