Regenerate yourself at Seonhyu coffee!

Mar 02, 2021

Peace and quiet. Physical and mental rest.

When opening seonhyu_coffee on the last day of 2020, the owner @crescent_moonhalo wanted to create a cafè that wouldn’t just be about delicious desserts, drinks, and coffee; it had to become a space where you can play with your thoughts and relax your mind, a space where you can get inspired.

And we all know coffee is one of the greatest source of inspiration! Both baristas are SCA certified brewers and have an immense passion for coffee.

You can choose which beans and which extraction technique you’d like - for espresso, XT will extract perfect and consistent shots. Thanks to the manual flow regulator, each group on commercial espresso machine Dalla Corte XT can be set with its own extraction profile, maintaining full control over temperature, flow, and weight in the cup through the digital touch screens.

Regenerate yourself in this sunny space, between tangerine trees and delicious cups of coffee 
Regenerate yourself at Seonhyu coffee!