Speicherstadt Rösterei: the coffee shop on the water

Sep 27, 2017

Drinking coffee in a place which is part of the Unesco heritage since 2015 is not an everyday experience. A labyrinth delimited by 7-8 floor warehouses in red bricks.
We are talking about Speicherstadt Rösterei, an historical roastery, included in a warehouse that, together with the entire place, at the end of the Nineteenth Century was used to stock goods, and also coffee. Hamburg plays an important role in this sector, in fact in 1677 was opened the first cafeteria and in 1887 the coffee stock market.

In this particular and evocative place, the owners are trying to create a contact among consumers, coffee lovers and producers. The coffees proposed are limited editions linked to nature’s cycles. “We have to wait for different coffee crops to sip particular aromas”, says Thimo Drews, managing director at Speicherstadt Rösterei.

This is the beauty: waiting in order to be always able to offer the best products to our customers. “The coffee blends we have all the year round are four: one single origin, Il gusto, Organico (a washed Robusta with a strong aroma) and the Orang Utan Coffee.

The coffee filters are ten and change during the year: the peculiarities of each one of them are explained to the customers. A wide selection that is a must in the German city, which loves experimenting new flavors and is always looking for new tastes.

Ready for a fantastic journey through aromas?

Speicherstadt Rösterei: the coffee shop on the water