Simone Guidi

"I am thankful for coffee because it’s a discipline that makes you learn, meet new people and share your experiences with new people every day"

Tell us something about you.

My name is Simone, I was born and raised in Florence. I am a curious, adventurous, captivating and active person. My passion for coffee started in a random way, by working as a bartender. I then began my path as a barista and with lots of training, study and dedication I started teaching. After an intense professional experience in Melbourne, I began to look at the world of specialty coffee under a different light, and for this reason I decided to become a coffee roaster. And In 2016 my dream became true, my new specialty coffee brand “La Sosta Specialty Coffee” was born, and that’s how I truly express my passion and love for coffee.

What about your hobbies?

I am very passionate about sports and adventures, but one of my biggest passions is motorcycling. It’s a tough contest between coffee and motorbikes!

A day without coffee...?

Would it really be possible!?

You’re good at...?

I like to create relationships with people and get to share experiences and situations. I like to work hard and put myself to the test.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?

No Prana No Coffee